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Kallisti's Frontiers Battlegrounds Maps

Listed below are maps of the new Battlegrounds zones. These initial maps are the raw output from the Python Mapper program.

I'm afraid the full size maps will not reapear on this page until December 25th 2004, when the exclusive contract deal with Prima Guide runs out. In the meantime you can get versions of my maps in the new downloadable New Fronteirs Prima Guide here:

1 - 4 Proving Grounds    
5 - 9 The Lions Den    
10 - 14 The Hills of Claret    
15 - 19 Killaloe    
20 - 24 Thidranki  

25 - 29 Braemar    
30 - 34 Wilton    
35 - 39 Molvik    
40 - 44 Leirvik    

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