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Catacombs Screenshots

Here are a few of the Screenshots I've taken. There are not that many as mostly I've been takign SS to show art problems to be posted to the internal boards

This is the new wolf-shape
used by Maddening Scalars

From the rear - the view you'll probably see most of the time!


New Humanoid female sitting position.
Note this was before I had a chance to re-make Kallisti's face.

Two poses showing the new bulkiness of the armour. instead of it being just a skin

Now, instead of just being a skin, armour actually has bulk.

New Inconnu model NPCs

The eyes are scary, and liek all new models they blink!


Hibernia Shots


Entrance to the Veil Rift in TNN

and this is what you see inside!

Turning round this is the rift from the other side. The sky changes patterns all the time, its VERY impressive!

Bainshee have a character morph similar to Nercos when in action

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