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Kallisti's New Frontiers Maps

Latest Maps news: New RvR Island Maps! Initial maps of the new RvR island, the Isle of Agramon are now available. Click here to see them. They are still at the "work in progress" stage, so watch for updates until they finally get converted into the final PDFs.


Frontiers Overview JPG 20 April 2004

Finally, yes finally I have pulled the proverbial finger out and updated the original New Frontier Maps to show more up-to-date mob locations and regions. One thing I missed of the orignal maps was bridge names. My reasoning back in the days of beta was nobody would need the bridge names - how wrong can you be!!!

Note: the Dun Cruachon bridges and the Caer Boldiam bridges don't have names, but instead use the name of the river they cross.


Forest Sauvage PDF 28 July 2005
Pennine Mountains PDF 28 July 2005
Hadrians Wall PDF 28 July 2005
Snowdonia PDF 28 July 2005


Upplands PDF 28 July 2005
Jamtland Mountains PDF 28 July 2005
Odins Gate PDF 28 July 2005
Yggdra Forest PDF 28 July 2005


Cruachon Gorge PDF 28 July 2005
Breifine PDF 28 July 2005
Emain Macha PDF 28 July 2005
Mount Collory PDF 28 July 2005


North Sea PDF 28 July 2005
Irish Sea PDF 28 July 2005


Watch this space for a map of the new RvR Island, "The Isle of Ganque" when it finally appears on Pendragon!

I am pleased to be able to host a very attractive map of Summoners Hall:

Summoners Hall,
by Curtis Delaney aka Mystr Byrnz Mid/Pellinor


You can also get versions of my maps in the downloadable New Frontiers Prima Guide here:


Latest news is the Prima Catacombs guide, which contains not only rather good copies of my New Frontiers maps, but Catacombs maps surveyed by myself. See the guide here:



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